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Owen Melbourne OwenMelbz Storm Creative Essex Head of Development

maelstrom-cms/odin 346

An open-source domain monitoring tool built using Maelstrom 🤖 Uptime Robot + 🧐 Oh Dear + 🧪 SSL Labs + ⏰ Cronitor + 🕵🏻‍♂️ DNS Spy

OwenMelbz/forget-db 128

🇪🇺 A simple GDPR inspired tool to anonymise confidential database data.

maelstrom-cms/toolkit 56

A CMS Toolkit built on Laravel and React

OwenMelbz/babel-plugin-tailwind-rn 27

Allows you to use className="w-full md:w-1/2" syntax in your react native projects.

OwenMelbz/https-enforcement 27

Laravel 5 Middleware to enforce HTTPS on your application.

OwenMelbz/domain-enforcement 25

Laravel 5+ Middleware to enforce a single domain on your application. e.g non-www. to www.

OwenMelbz/illumipress 14

Simple wrapper for the illuminate support, http response, request, validation, zttp, cache, encryption, blade templating and whoops error handler for WordPress ⚡️

maelstrom-cms/playground 8

An example project show casing various features of Maelstrom

OwenMelbz/chrome-media-query-inspector 8

Chrome browser extension which displays an unintrusive hint within your browser of the current matching media query.

OwenMelbz/backpack-laravel-vuejs-demo 6

A demo project of using Vue with Backpack for Laravel

issue commentnystudio107/craft-seomatic

loadMetaContainers poor performance (70ms+) on every request (including control panel)

Not sure which issue is best to respond to with this but we've got another issue semi-related to this:

I'm guessing because the loadMetaContainers doesn't load in the CP now, when you click "Preview" or "View" from editing an entry, you get an internal server error because some things have not been initialised.

e.g. We try to use the seomatic.jsonLd.get('breadcrumbList').itemListElement to loop around the crumbs.

I'm guessing as these are now not loaded in the CP causing the issue.

When you use the "View" button that generates a ?x-craft-preview=XXXXX link it errors, when you delete the query string (thus making it a non-cp request) it works fine.



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issue commentcraftcms/mailgun

PHP 8.0 Support

@angrybrad is there anything we can do as we're needing to try and upgrade our websites to PHP 8 but held up by this issue, hoping there's some bright ideas to accelerate this issue?


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pull request commentWICG/floc

Add an example opt-out meta tag

@dmarti - Out of interest - what does "shared hosting" have anything to do with settings headers?

Is it that your host only supports HTML? Is that maybe the question... Setting FLoC headers via HTML rather than response headers?


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issue commentOwenMelbz/nova-radio-field

[FEATURE REQUEST] Add ability to set labels as html

@ragingdave Are you able to modify and recompile this yourself as a test?

I don't have access to Nova anymore so cannot easily check much.

If you change this to

<span class="mlbz-radio-label" v-html="getOptionLabel(option)"></span>

Then compile it, you can then try passing in a label with HTML and see if it works.

Otherwise you could always try use CSS to target, e.g. the label generates a unique "for" e.g.

<label for="accountType_premium">
<label for="accountType_basic">
<label for="accountType_trial">

You can then add a selector like... .mlbz-radio-container label[for="accountType_premium"] span etc to style them with just CSS?


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created tagOwenMelbz/nova-radio-field


Provides a radio field for laravel nova with ability to toggle field visibility.

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release OwenMelbz/nova-radio-field


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push eventOwenMelbz/nova-radio-field

Mior Muhammad Zaki

commit sha e94c34bcf1f9f622ec96f3446646db9243cc847d

Remove empty CSS There is no benefit in loading the stylesheet when it's only referring to an empty file. ![image](

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Owen Melbourne

commit sha 28bb17d59af3c5ab944e78db7c0ae974ce42c903

Merge pull request #26 from crynobone/patch-1 Remove empty CSS

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PR merged OwenMelbz/nova-radio-field

Remove empty CSS

There is no benefit in loading the stylesheet when it's only referring to an empty file.



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issue commentappleple/modal-video

All modals for youtube displaying "This video is unavailable."


Any suggestions for the easiest way for users to do this if they're using a package manager such as yarn/npm etc and not just downloading files directly?


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issue commentappleple/modal-video

All modals for youtube displaying "This video is unavailable."

Anybody have any ideas when this is likely to be merged and released?

Thanks :)


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pull request commentcraftcms/cms

What's New HUD

Is there anyway to turn this system off?

My concern is that (what you've briefly mentioned) is that most users have no requirement to know about these things, like Craft updates, or uncontrollable messaging that plugin authors can push to your clients.

E.g. We build a website for a client, white labelled, branded etc. Simple.

Then suddenly plugin authors start publishing announcements to our customers without our consent etc, which could contain anything - Advertisements about upgrading to premium versions etc, (Yes I know plugin authors can include any code they want regardless) but this gives prime real estate on every page for users to be presented with information that more than likely isn't relevant to them.

Not that it is a bad feature to have, completely support that. But as Craft has the ability to brand its Pro versions, having this leakage can be undesirable for many, so some config option to turn it off would be 👌

Thanks :)


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issue openedcraftcms/commerce

3.4 Broke a few things

Description We've just updated to 3.4 and noticed the order screen has gone a bit wonky - easiest way to show is this initial screenshot of before and after so... before....


and after:


Missing a bunch of buttons, and got some extra buttons.

To Reproduce How, and what happened?

  1. Updated to 3.4

Expected behavior Same buttons as previously

Additional info

  • Craft version: Craft Pro 3.7.0
  • Commerce version: 3.4.0
  • PHP version: 7.4.20
  • Database driver & version: MySQL 8.0.25
  • Other Plugins & versions: Advance Link Field 1.1.4 CMS Guide 2.0.5 CP Field Inspect 1.2.5 Craft Commerce 3.4.0 Field Manager 2.2.4 Mailgun 1.4.3 MatrixMate 1.2.7 Navigation 1.4.19 PayPal Checkout for Craft Commerce 1.2.2 Redactor 2.8.7 Redactor Anchors 1.1.0 SEO 3.3.44 Stripe for Craft Commerce Super Table 2.6.8 Table Maker 2.0.1

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issue openedcraftcms/cms

"View" button on multi-site installations always shows the primary site even when disabled


When you create a draft entry on a multi-site installation, but only enable the new entry on one of the non-primary domains, then click the "View" button. You get taken to the primary domain which then 404s.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Setup Multi-site with at least 2 sites.
  2. Create a new entry (keep as unpublished draft)
  3. Disable the primary domain
  4. Enable a secondary domain
  5. Save it
  6. Click "View"
  7. Get 404 page

Additional info

Application Info PHP version 7.4.20 OS version Darwin 20.5.0 Database driver & version MySQL 8.0.25 Image driver & version GD 7.4.20 Craft edition & version Craft Pro 3.6.17 Yii version Twig version v2.14.6 Guzzle version 6.5.5

Plugins Advance Link Field 1.1.4 CMS Guide 2.0.5 CP Field Inspect 1.2.5 Field Manager 2.2.3 Mailgun 1.4.3 Navigation 1.4.18 Neo 2.10.4 Recentchanges 1.1.3 Redactor 2.8.7 Redactor Anchors 1.1.0 Redactor Custom Styles 3.0.4 SEO 3.3.43 Super Table 2.6.8

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issue commentcraftcms/feed-me

Ability to skip search index updating when importing feeds

Hi @angrybrad I believe we'd spoken with Ollie about this a few weeks-months ago but still found it unresolved.

I've sent a WeTransfer of the site and the .json file we're importing to feed me to the email provided - The DB dump is within the "scripts/install.sql" folder.

If you could let us know if this works - Thanks


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