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Dale Campbell Oshuma CloudPassage Greenville, SC Sr. Backend Engineer @cloudpassage

Oshuma/app_config 22

Simple Ruby framework-agnostic application configuration.

Oshuma/git-trip 9

Visualize git commit SHAs. It's nerd acid!

Oshuma/api_faker 8

Simple Merb app to fake (and test) arbitrary web APIs.

Oshuma/DeliciousBar 7

OS X menu bar app to access your Delicious bookmarks.

Oshuma/corrupt.rack 3

Bare-bones Rack based MVC framework.

Oshuma/interspire 3

Ruby library for the Interspire API.

Oshuma/jamtime 3

A music browser and player.

Oshuma/js-chat 3

Simple Javascript chat type dealy.

Oshuma/manweb 3

A simple Sinatra app to display manual pages.

Oshuma/alfred 2

Sinatra app to run (and display) arbitrary system commands through HTTP.


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