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Andrew France Odaeus Avito Berlin, Germany I'm a freelance web developer with interests in project management, data modelling, and UX. @rails, @postgres, @vuejs, and @elixir-lang are my preferred tools

Odaeus/acts_as_reportable 3

ActiveRecord integration for Ruby Reports

Odaeus/attribute_labels 2

Set custom labels for model attributes in Rails

Odaeus/exception_notification 2

Exception Notifier Plugin for Rails 2.3.x with HTML e-mail messages

invisiblefunnel/view_accessor 1

An alternative method of sharing state between Rails controllers and views.

Odaeus/amee-ruby 1

A ruby gem for accessing the AMEE carbon calculator

Odaeus/dragonfly 1

An on-the-fly processing/encoding framework written as a Rack application.

Odaeus/SlickGrid 1

A lightning fast JavaScript grid/spreadsheet

Odaeus/amqp 0

Idiomatic Elixir client for RabbitMQ

Odaeus/bootstrap-rubygem 0

Bootstrap 4 Ruby Gem for Rails / Sprockets and Compass.


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