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[BUG] Previous data is reloaded after using persistence.update_user_data

My bot saves data for each user and therefore I need to use update_user_data. What would be the correct way of saving \ changing data?


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issue openedpython-telegram-bot/python-telegram-bot

[BUG] Previous data is reloaded after using persistence.update_user_data

Steps to Reproduce

persistence = PicklePersistence('my_file', store_user_data=True, store_chat_data=True, store_bot_data=True, on_flush=False) After running persistence.update_user_data(, user_data), the previous user_data is restored, thus having no effect on the persistence and making it unusable

Expected behaviour

self.user_data should be saved after running persistence.update_user_data without restoring the previous data

Actual behaviour

After running persistence.update_user_data , dispatcher is calling __update_persistence. on line 729, the code runs over the new saved data with the old saved data: self.persistence.update_user_data(user_id, self.user_data[user_id]), commenting this line out prevents this behavior (Also, this reveals a typo in code in line 714, self.persistence.update_chat_data(chact_id, self.chat_data[chat_id]) should be changed to self.persistence.update_chat_data(chat_id, self.chat_data[chat_id]) (chact_id -> chat_id)

Operating System


Version of Python, python-telegram-bot & dependencies

Python 3.8.1 (tags/v3.8.1:1b293b6, Dec 18 2019, 23:11:46) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)] on win32

python-telegram-bot 13.7
Bot API 5.3
certifi 2020.12.05
Python 3.8.1 (tags/v3.8.1:1b293b6, Dec 18 2019, 23:11:46) [MSC v.1916 64 bit (AMD64)]

Relevant log output

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Additional Context

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Client cannot connect to server, gives no error number

I get the following error when connect to the server, I have configured everything correctly as described in the CollaREServer page and can even access the server's URL using the browser image

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