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Ninigi/plug_hmouse 2

HMAC for Plug applications using Plug.Conn and Plug.Parsers

Ninigi/ecto_dripper 1

Simple way to create composable ecto queries

Ninigi/nice_maps 1

Build camelcase/snake_case keys, convert string keys to atom keys and vice versa, or convert structs to maps.

jayes69/AjaxLB 0

JQuery UI Ajax Lightbox Plugin

jayes69/intField 0

jQuery integer field plugin.

jayes69/NetupResource 0

RoR Restful Webservice Object Mapper Plugin

jayes69/sectionScroll 0

jQuery One-Page Layout Section Scroll Plugin

jayes69/test 0

NET-UP GitHub Testing Repository

Ninigi/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir

PR opened nsweeting/shopify

Add unnmaintained info

Sorry to do this, but we simply do not have enough people contributing to keep the package up to date

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create barnchnsweeting/shopify

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pull request commentnsweeting/shopify

Upgrade to OTP 24.

@zdeneksejcek really sorry - we decided to not maintain this package anymore.

The very nature of Shopify updating their API so rapidly makes it extremely hard to keep up with updates. We would have to maintain multiple branches every time to keep up with them.

I would recommend using ankhers fork for the project you are working on, if you know it works for you, or even better, create your own fork. As it is right now, you can use this repo as a blueprint, but it will fall out more out of date every 3 months.


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