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Nikolaï Roycourt Niko-r Soclip Montpellier, France Remote iOS Eng. @ Soclip

Niko-r/AFNetworking 0

A delightful iOS and OS X networking framework

Niko-r/aimeos-typo3 0

TYPO3 e-commerce extension for high performance web shops

Niko-r/Bohr 0

Settings screen composing framework

Niko-r/catalyst 0

An Algorithmic Trading Library for Crypto-Assets in Python

Niko-r/Chameleon 0

Flat Color Framework for iOS (Obj-C & Swift)

Niko-r/codeigniter-restserver 0

A fully RESTful server implementation for CodeIgniter using one library, one config file and one controller.

Niko-r/CrashEye 0

CrashEye is an ios crash monitor,automatic catch exception crash & signal crash and return the stacktrace

Niko-r/fastlane 0

🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps

Niko-r/FBChatClone 0

This project is a clone of FB Messenger . Converted to Swift3 syntax (Courtesy: