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Nicholas P. Cole NicholasPCole @digitalocean Pittsburgh, PA Cloud Operations at DigitalOcean.

NicholasPCole/dodc 4

A dialog-based shell script to quickly create a single DigitalOcean Droplet

NicholasPCole/ping-logger 2

Ping a list of servers and record performance data in InfluxDB

NicholasPCole/Apps-Script-to-OAuth 0

Access Google APIs that require OAuth 2.0 authorization.

NicholasPCole/Apps-Script-to-Slack 0

Send messages to Slack incoming webhooks from Google Apps Script

NicholasPCole/awx-sandbox 0

Quickly create and set up an AWX sandbox Droplet

NicholasPCole/byo-lisp 0

Build Your Own Lisp

NicholasPCole/digitalocean-pruner 0

Delete untagged resources from your DigitalOcean account

NicholasPCole/droplet-connectivity-testing 0

Scripts to reproduce an error connecting to DigitalOcean's API.

NicholasPCole/lbaas-demo 0

Create a simple DigitalOcean Load Balancer for testing

NicholasPCole/sample-hugo 0

⛵ App Platform sample Hugo application.


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created repositorygeerlingguy/docker-rockylinux8-ansible

Rocky Linux 8 Docker container for Ansible playbook and role testing.

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created repositorygeerlingguy/docker-fedora34-ansible

Fedora 34 Docker container for Ansible playbook and role testing.

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fork tomrittervg/MOSS-Directory

A listing of people and projects involved in the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program

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created repositorygeerlingguy/shelly-plug-prometheus

Shelly Plug Prometheus exporter.

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created repositorygeerlingguy/internet-pi

Raspberry Pi config for all things Internet.

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fork geerlingguy/internet-monitoring

Monitor your network and internet speed with Docker & Prometheus

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created repositorymozilla-services/civet-docker

Dockerfile for the Civet Compiler Explorer Instance

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created repositorygeerlingguy/obs-task-list-overlay

An HTML and Node.js-based task list overlay for OBS.

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fork geerlingguy/linux

Kernel source tree for Raspberry Pi Foundation-provided kernel builds. Issues unrelated to the linux kernel should be posted on the community forum at

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