Brice Ayres MyNameIsURL Contractor / Consultant Dallas, Texas Full Stack Developer

MyNameIsURL/react-form-validation-tutorial 65

Code for React Form Validation Tutorial video on YouTube

MyNameIsURL/react-bootstrap-website 49

React-Bootstrap Tutorial posted to YouTube -

MyNameIsURL/React-Bootstrap-Tutorial 37

Tutorial: Create a basic website with React Bootstrap -

MyNameIsURL/react-todo-app 17

Simple todo app built with React for demonstration purposes.

MyNameIsURL/simple-react-router-demo 16

Simple website built using React and React Router

MyNameIsURL/angular-todo-app 13

Todo App built with Angular 4 for demonstration purposes.

MyNameIsURL/react-calculator-app 13

Tutorial code to support YouTube video where I build a calculator app using React.

MyNameIsURL/vue-todo-app 8

Todo app built with VueJS

MyNameIsURL/React-Slider-Tutorial 3

Learn to build a React Slider in this YouTube tutorial -

PacktPublishing/Building-a-Realtime-Chat-Application-with-Angular-5-and-Firebase-v- 3

Code Repository for Building a Realtime Chat Application with Angular 5 and Firebase(v), published by Packt


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months