Brandon Victor Multihuntr La Trobe University A deep learning researcher with an interest in algorithms. I never get as much done as I'd hoped.

ashwhall/annotator 1

Tool for annotating swimmer events in video. Can annotate positions, strokes and breaths.

Multihuntr/kineticAstroMiner 1

Everything is cargo.

Multihuntr/nvvl 1

A library that uses hardware acceleration to load sequences of video frames to facilitate machine learning training

Multihuntr/angular-object-path 0

An angular-wrapped tiny Node.js utility to access deep properties using a path

Multihuntr/dash-player 0

Dash Component wrapping React-Player

Multihuntr/datathon2018 0

Entry for Melbourne Datathon 2018

Multihuntr/docker-torch 0

A Docker image for Torch

Multihuntr/FFMultiCrop 0

FFmpeg based library for creating multiple cropped encodes of a video source.

Multihuntr/json-diff 0

Just a function that returns an array of changes between two jsons. What's up with all of the extra stuff everyone else is putting onto their json-diffs?