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Muffo/fullyfeedly 45

Chrome extension to display the full content of articles in Feedly

Muffo/codemap 2

Look at your code from a distance

Muffo/busbot 1

Twitter Bot that keeps an eye on the next bus from Shannon to Limerick

Muffo/busFace 1

Pebble watch face displaying real time info from BusEireann

Muffo/Gimber 1

Interactive image web viewer

Muffo/actions_experiment 0

Nothing useful here, I am only testing the new Github Actions

Muffo/aiswi 0

Automatically exported from

Muffo/BetterLog 0

With one line of code, BetterLog extends the native apps script Logger and gives you automatic additional features like logging to a spreadsheet and more.

issue commentMuffo/fullyfeedly

Extractor problem

Thanks for the inputs! I haven't checked boilerpipe in a while, but I agree it could be removed if not working properly.

When we do that, we should make sure users are automatically/transparently moved to a different extractor.


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issue commentmesonbuild/meson

Build linux kernel modules (ko) with Meson?

Thanks for the inputs! If I understand, the recommendation would be to wrap the make with a custom target, right?


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issue openedmesonbuild/meson

Build linux kernel modules (ko) with Meson?

This is clearly a question from some one who doesn't have much experience with the compilation of Linux kernel modules :)

I searched online and found tutorials on how these can be created using Makefile. However, I couldn't figure out if Meson also supports these builds.

I hate Makefiles and thought I would make one last attempt asking here: can I build Linux kernel modules with Meson?

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issue commentytdl-org/youtube-dl

My downloadspeed of my Youtube Downloads are being reduced/limited. What is the Problem?

Thanks @mongolsteppe for pointing me to yt-dlp. I am a first time user of youtube-dl and had the same issue. yt-dlp worked much faster and is downloading at 10+MB/s instead of 50kB/s.


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