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Mohinder Dick MobyWare Pittsburgh, PA I am a software architect with over 12 years experience. I dabble in data science. I am experimenting deploying ML workloads to the cloud for healthcare.

MobyWare/ml-abstractions-intro-python 4

Machine learning walkthrough using python scikitlearn in a Jupyter notebook. It is browser based so it is easy to run and learn.

MobyWare/analyzing-census-data 0

PyCon 2019 Tutorial: Analyzing Census Data with Pandas

MobyWare/asp-mvc-openid 0

Client to test Using OpenID federation with ADFS 3.0

MobyWare/bayesian-stats-modelling-tutorial 0

How to do Bayesian statistical modelling using numpy and PyMC3

MobyWare/Bokeh-Python-Visualization 0

A Bokeh project developed for learning and teaching Bokeh interactive plotting!

MobyWare/coreos-nvidia 0

Simplified building of NVIDIA drivers for CoreOS Linux

MobyWare/cs228-material 0

Teaching materials for the probabilistic graphical models and deep learning classes at Stanford

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