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Jim Leonard MobyGamer USA I make demoscene productions, and code for old DOS systems in assembly. Because I'm old.

MobyGamer/MONOTONE 69

A multi-voice tracker for the PC speaker.

MobyGamer/total-dos-launcher 61

A system for easily loading and running thousands of DOS programs on vintage hardware

MobyGamer/XDC 27

XDC 8088+CGA video/animation compiler

MobyGamer/CGACompatibilityTester 22

The CGA Compatibility Tester: Tests ISA videocards for register-level compatibility with CGA

MobyGamer/TOPBENCH 18

The Oldskool PC Benchmark

MobyGamer/TPLibs 7

Turbo Pascal 7-compatible libraries and utilities that are useful in creating full-user-experience DOS programs

MobyGamer/TX-DOS 3

Modified sources of MS-DOS 1.25 and 2.0

MobyGamer/UNITS 3

Turbo Pascal support units for some MobyGamer projects.

MobyGamer/archivists-guide-to-kryoflux 2

An un-official user guide for the KryoFlux written by archivists, for archivists

MobyGamer/lzsa 1

Byte-aligned, efficient lossless packer that is optimized for fast decompression on 8-bit micros

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commit sha dddff7afebc3a251e37b22fb84db213dccf25999

Fix truncation of too-long titles

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commit sha 5b25e4fab4d0f5628927481e9e07f37246f3d74c

Truncate names/titles over 255 characters

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issue openedMobyGamer/total-dos-launcher

Don't scan for zipfile content size if already expanded

Some larger zipflies have 1000 files or more, and this takes noticeable time when trying to launch a game that has already been unpacked. This action should be skipped if we have proof the game has already been launched once.

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