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MobYosp/AVLoadingIndicatorView 1

Nice loading animations for Android

MobYosp/ActSwitchAnimTool 0

ActSwitchAnimTool make the Animation easy to implements, and it compat the version of Android 4.0 or above.

MobYosp/Android-Image-Cropper 0

Image Cropping Library for Android, optimized for Camera / Gallery.

MobYosp/AndroidCharts 0

An easy-to-use Android charts library with animation.

MobYosp/AndroidStudioTutorials 0

Los proyectos de ejemplo contenidos en este directorio forman parte de los tutoriales de Androideity para crear aplicaciones con Android Studio siguiendo las guías de diseño de Material Design.

MobYosp/AnimatedSvgView 0

Animated SVG Drawing for Android

MobYosp/AppUpdater 0

A library that checks for your apps' updates on Google Play, GitHub, Amazon, F-Droid or your own server. API 8+ required.

MobYosp/BeerProgressView 0

A library that lets you create a beer styled progress view with bubbles and all! (hic).

MobYosp/BoomMenu 0

A menu which can ... BOOM! - Android

MobYosp/BubbleAnimationLayout 0

You don’t want your apps look and feel boring, do you? Add some bubbles!