Mera Gangapersaud Mera-Gangapersaud I code, therefore I am.

humphd/hacktoberfest-at-seneca-2018 17

Tracking and Support for Hacktoberfest 2018 at Seneca College

Vimal-Raghubir/Eventcher 2

Event App that fetches Events from Facebook and displays them in a Tinder-like display.

Vimal-Raghubir/BeagleBone-Communication-Program 1

Program built to interface with a BeagleBone robot using TCP/IP connections as a communication link.

Vimal-Raghubir/Universal-Attendance 1

Universal Attendance is an app that is used to perform attendance for a class electronically.

Mera-Gangapersaud/ 0

State management and more for turn based games.

Mera-Gangapersaud/Creative-Collab 0

A creative collaborative writing app

Mera-Gangapersaud/filer 0

Node-like file system for browsers

Mera-Gangapersaud/hepek-examples 0

Self-contained examples of using hepek

Mera-Gangapersaud/ifme 0

Open source app to share mental health experiences with loved ones

Mera-Gangapersaud/monaco-editor 0

A browser based code editor


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