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MentalGear/OpenSearchSafari 3

Safari Extension to circumvent Apple's vendor-limited seach engine list and use any search engine within Safari's smart bar

MentalGear/automerge 0

A JSON-like data structure (a CRDT) that can be modified concurrently by different users, and merged again automatically.

MentalGear/cli 0

Netlify Command Line Interface

MentalGear/covid19-passbook-generator 0

A simple PWA to scan your EU digital COVID Certificate and generate a passbook from it

MentalGear/deepworlds 0

Examples and use cases using the deepbots framework ( with the Webots robot simulator.

MentalGear/gym 0

A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.

MentalGear/KeepOnSmiling 0

A (very) simple Safari extension to automatically redirect Amazon requests to their equivalent Amazon Smile page.

MentalGear/ml-agents 0

Unity Machine Learning Agents Toolkit

MentalGear/netlify-dev_debug_vs-code 0

Minimal Reproducible Example for Netlify dev debug with VS code

MentalGear/phishing-link-detector 0

Email Phishing Link Detector for "Fake Links"

issue commentpixijs/particle-emitter

404 for Interactive Particle Editor

The library.js file on the pixi editor shows version 3.0.4. Is that intentional ?


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issue openedmassanchik/adaptive-scale-js

CSS alternative

Thanks for this, I appreciate the ts work and all. You might wanna add that almost all of it can now be done using object-fit in CSS.

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create barnchMentalGear/TFwebsiteScriptsGithubHosting

branch : master

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created repositoryMentalGear/TFwebsiteScriptsGithubHosting

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issue openedpixijs/particle-emitter

404 for Interactive Particle Editor

The interactive editor as stated in the readme ( resolves in a 404 error.

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issue commentnetlify/cli

Any way to debug functions?

Thanks for merging @eduardoboucas


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pull request commentanishathalye/lumen

Add experimental CoreDisplay API (fixes #26)

Would be a nice feature!


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issue commentGomah/nuxt-graphql-request


In case you use *.gql files inside of node_module folder you can enable the graphql-tag/loader to parse the files for you.

Okay, that's a better explanation! Maybe add it to the example comment?


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issue openedclawfire/covid19-passbook-generator

[feature request]

Contact Details

No response

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Thx for this app. Could you add the german version as well in your intro page?

Describe the solution you'd like

Add the german version, it's compatible with the EU certificate.

Describe alternatives you've considered

No response

Anything else?

No response

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fork MentalGear/covid19-passbook-generator

A simple PWA to scan your EU digital COVID Certificate and generate a passbook from it

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issue commentclawfire/covid19-passbook-generator

[feature request] UK skin version

Also please for german certificates.


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issue commentdeepmind/alphafold

Propaganda Campaign against RoseTTAFold?

That sudden release might

RoseTTA was released 15 days ago. RosettaCommons/RoseTTAFold@dcaf58a

It's about RoseTTAFold just recently gaining traction in the newscycle which is important to make more people aware of it, not the release date of the source code.

Also, who cares about code, the most important part is the model, of course. You know weights for neuronet.

Seriously? The model alone doesn't allow you to reproduce the underlying approach used or compare it with other methods. Which is the whole point of gaining knowledge to refine approaches, not just using them in a model. Also, it's far more valuable to have the code to a smaller, far more efficient model that you can modify, train and run yourself than a huge model that can only run on TPU cloud tech you need to rent for huge sums.

Alphafold is superior and if they will do decentralised learning like leela chess did (in C++, not Python using nvidia 20 series and 30 series tensor cores) they will dominate the field immediatelly.

What exactly is it that you call superior? Alphafold seems to be still a bit more precise, but an open-source system as is RoseTTAFold which can be improved quickly and openly, and which is far more efficient in what it does, will soon become the "superior" solution.


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issue openeddeepmind/alphafold

Propaganda Campaign against RoseTTAFold?

While it's great you finally release your code publicly (after months of criticism for keeping it secret against the ethos of mutual aid in the scientific world) it certainly seems strange to do it just around the time RoseTTAFold , a system that does nearly the same thing for free at a fraction of the computational cost, gains significant traction in news stories.

That sudden release might give the impression of an orchestrated effort of your PR department to bury the RoseTTAFold news story.

I'm certain you will deny any of this, but to be without the shadow of a doubt in the future, DeepMind might want to share their work openly and proactively with the scientific world, instead of releasing what seems defensively to undermine the spread of open-source projects in the same area.

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issue commentformium/tsdx

Add example playground for non-react projects

Can we just document how to use like serve On the dist directory?

Yes please. Trying to develop a vanilla js UDM browser plugin as well without it!


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issue openedjasonkuhrt/template-typescript-lib

local dev server ?

Thx for this extensive template!

I noticed yarn dev watches for .ts changes, but is there also a local dev server with hot reload integrated, or how do you do your dev?

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fork MentalGear/microbundle

📦 Zero-configuration bundler for tiny modules.

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