itinance/react-native-fs 3658

Native filesystem access for react-native

greghe/react-native-particle-system 40

Add particle effects to your React Native app

MattFoley/AppiraterPlus 34

This is Appirater that you all know and love but with a twist. This version is now ARC compatible, and is converted to use a .xib file instead of a UIAlertView.

MattFoley/DEStoreKitManager 2

iOS StoreKit Convenience Manager

MattFoley/AHKBendableView 1

UIView subclass that bends its edges when its position changes.

aalesia/JASidePanels 0

Reveal side ViewControllers similar to Facebook/Path's menu

MattFoley/2048 0

The iOS version of 2048, made using SpriteKit

MattFoley/AFOAuth2Manager 0

AFNetworking Extension for OAuth 2 Authentication

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