MartyGentillon/Chimera 1

A deployment system for debian-based distros

MartyGentillon/Arduino-Boards 0

Arduino Boards file for Kaleidoscope keyboards

MartyGentillon/atomic-emacs 0

An atomic implementation of emacs keybindings for the Atom text editor.

MartyGentillon/better-defaults 0

A small number of better defaults for Emacs

MartyGentillon/boot-http 0

A simple HTTP serve task for the Boot build tool

MartyGentillon/calva 0

Calva: Clojure & Clojurescript interactive programming made easy - Evaluate code, run tests, navigate to definitions, see docs, interactive REPLs, etcetera.

MartyGentillon/calva-paredit 0

Paredit extension for Visual Studio Code

MartyGentillon/chocolateypackages 0

Application packages for Windows

MartyGentillon/clj-mock 0

A simple clojure mocking library with verification.

MartyGentillon/eips 0

Eastern Idaho Photographic Society Website Development


started time in 10 days


started time in 13 days