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ansible-community/ansible-lint 2582

Best practices checker for Ansible

bazelbuild/rules_pkg 86

Bazel rules for creating packages of many types (zip, tar, deb, rpm, ...)

MarkusTeufelberger/afl-ddmin-mod 23

Test case minimizer for afl-fuzz

MarkusTeufelberger/bitcoin-arbitrage 5

Bitcoin arbitrage - opportunity detector

MarkusTeufelberger/bitfinex2ledger 3

Converter for Bitfinex CSV files to ledger-cli format

MarkusTeufelberger/BBW 1

Bazel Build files and Workspaces

MarkusTeufelberger/openerp-web 1

Converted from launchpad

MarkusTeufelberger/openobject-addons 1

Converted from launchpad

MarkusTeufelberger/openobject-client 1

Converted from launchpad

MarkusTeufelberger/afl-cov 0

Produce code coverage results with gcov from afl-fuzz test cases


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pull request commentripple/rippled

A non markdown LICENSE file:

Might also be useful to tag file with - but that's a bigger change.


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pull request commentripple/rippled

Improve the MITM detection during session establishment:

Inter-node communication can maybe use different certificates than pure API endpoints. I doubt that you'll get a certificate with custom fields from a widely trusted CA, but I haven't looked into this - maybe to differentiate themselves from Let's Encrypt this is easier to get from them nowadays? Though "Honest Achmed's Used Cars and Certificates" surely will be able to sell you whatever you want!

Joking aside, it might at least be a bit easier to implement in a non-OpenSSL way.


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pull request commentripple/rippled

Improve the MITM detection during session establishment: was already mentioned in the issue a few years ago, maybe it might be better to implement this in and get the other features from there than trying to make the current construction secure? Would be a larger undertaking though.


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pull request commentansible-community/ansible-lint

no-changed-when: improve testing and documentation

The existing when case is wrong by the way (the presence of when: true does not influence the idempotence of a task result), but that likely needs a separate PR to be fixed. It could need a test case though, if you're already writing tests.


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issue commentripple/rippled

Add on-ledger token/issued currency definition objects (controlled by issuers)

Yes, there's about half a dozen settings that make more sense to be modifiable individually for each token/IOU/issuance/currency/...

I'm of course not married to the name, but the lack of this concept itself is something that's already caused issues and confusion in the past years.


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issue commentgit-lfs/git-lfs

Issues with releases hosted in packagecloud

The point of having a repository is that "using the binary" is not necessary. Yes, it is a workaround, but not a solution.

It is really strange to get a 402 error. How does this server expect me to issue payments towards it anyways?!


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issue commentairflow-helm/charts

Official helm chart released by the Airlfow Community is the one that adds the pip install at pod start feature to the "official" chart, so that should already be fixed in the most recent release or an upcoming one (a bit hard to say, as is a mess and it is hard to find anything there).


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