MarcoSero/MSSlideNavigationController 161

Facebook like UINavigationController to slide back to previous view controller.

MarcoSero/MSMatrixController 136

A component to organize your view controllers in a gesture-based 2D matrix.

MarcoSero/EditorConfig-Xcode 111

Plugin to add EditorConfig support to Xcode

MarcoSero/HackerNews 108

An open source, beautifully designed Hacker News client for iPhone

MarcoSero/Nimble 100

Core Data and iCloud made nimble and fast

MarcoSero/MSNavigationSwipeController 74

Subclass of UINavigationController to add 'swipe right to go back' gesture recognizer like most apps (Facebook, Tweetbot) already do.

MarcoSero/MSMapClustering 52

A subclass of MKMapView to cluster annotations

MarcoSero/Norvigs-Spelling-Corrector 14

A Haskell implementation of Peter Norvig's spelling corrector

MarcoSero/PolyglotApp 12

A Polyglot iOS Application

MarcoSero/CKComponentFadeTransition 8

A ComponentKit extension to add fade transitions.