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Malayke planet Earth (Solar System) Human

Malayke/FreebufTools 4


Malayke/ripple20-poc 2

send Treck ICMP request find potential ripple20 vulnerable devices

Malayke/Scripts 2

A collection of some useful script for pentesters or red teamers

Malayke/burpsuite_plus 1

burpsuite plus for python

Malayke/nofingerprint 1

remove common pentest tools fingerprint

Malayke/Red-Team-Notes 1


Malayke/AutoRecon 0

AutoRecon is a multi-threaded network reconnaissance tool which performs automated enumeration of services.

Malayke/Awesome-Red-Teaming 0

List of Awesome Red Teaming Resources

Malayke/bypass_disablefunc_via_LD_PRELOAD 0

bypass disable_functions via LD_PRELOA (no need /usr/sbin/sendmail)