Mike West MXWest Urban Outfitters Philadelphia, PA

MXWest/MagentoCE19-php54-Vagrant-Puppet 1

Magento Community Edition on php 5.4

MXWest/affected 0

Determines affected go packages by git commit range

MXWest/coding-interview-university 0

A complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer.

MXWest/contentful-go 0

Contentful api SDK for GoLang

MXWest/distributed-load-testing-using-kubernetes 0

Distributed load testing using Kubernetes on Google Container Engine

MXWest/docker-cheat-sheet 0

Docker Cheat Sheet

MXWest/docker-tools 0

Potentially useful things built on top of the docker Python API

MXWest/flake8-todo 0

Flake8 TODO note plugin.

MXWest/Furiosa 0

A Release Management Service

MXWest/fx 0

Poor man's serverless framework based on Docker, Function as a Service with painless.