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Logic-gate/callerpy 47

Truecaller Name Retriever

Logic-gate/penbang 4

Penbang is a collection of tools aimed at the openbox environment. It includes Network Exploits, Vulnerability Assessment/Exploits, Network Analysis, Social Engineering tools, I.G.C, dsniff suite, and irpas. As well as a simple way of launching them.

Logic-gate/datasig 3

Daily Random Stuff

Logic-gate/madXOR 3

Basic XOR functions

Logic-gate/harbour-cargo 2

A Google Drive client for SailfishOS

Logic-gate/ 1

A simple Python interface for FullContact, using Requests.

Logic-gate/GoogleScraper 1

A python module to search and scrape the mighty Google search engine using proxies (socks4/5, http proxy) and with many different IP's, including asynchronous networking support (very fast). This probably infringes the Google TOS!

Logic-gate/JacobAppelbaumLeavesTor 1

:mag: An investigation into Jacob Appelbaum leaving the Tor Project

Logic-gate/LilyMail 1

a Python email client in console