L3if/AggrCase 0

Test Files for aggregation

L3if/basicDemo 0

Sample project to demo basic CLion features.

L3if/buffer_overflow_sample 0

seminar sample

L3if/clang-misracpp2008 0

An open source checker for MISRA C++:2008 rules. Implemented as LLVM/Clang plugin. (No longer active, please use clang-tidy-misra instead)

L3if/clang-tidy-misra 0

MISRA C:2012 and MISRA C++:2008 compliance checkers for clang-tidy

L3if/coredump_lib 0

project to test coredump debug

L3if/PayloadsAllTheThings 0

A list of useful payloads and bypass for Web Application Security and Pentest/CTF