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Kushagra Gupta Kush22 Capital One Bangalore

Kush22/Image_Encryption 15

Image Encryption using DES, AES & RSA Algorithm

kaushiklv/Distributed_IoT_Platform 1

Platform that provides a means for Fog computing IoT-Based applications to be deployed on.

Kush22/Cleaning-Sorting-Utility 1

A python script with displays top sized files and a sorting tool which sorts the files based on extension

Kush22/Peer-to-Peer-File-Sharing-Utility 1

Terminal based application to share files among the connected peers. Peer Information is provided by a Central Repository and the presence is maintained using heartbeats.

ans29/VQA_team24 0

Implementation of "High-Order Attention Models for Visual Question Answering" by Idan Schwartz et. al.

kaushiklv/IAS_-Hackathon1_Distributed-Agent-Challenge 0

Implementation of distribued service based Master - Slave Platform

Kush22/20172079 0

Scripting Lab Assignment

Kush22/Abstractive-Summarization-using-Query-based-Deep-Neural-Attention-Models 0

System for generating meaningful summaries of retrieved documents, specific to query text using Deep Attention Models

Kush22/bookpro 0

Shopping comparision engine!

Kush22/core 0

Main pip package location for Masonite