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Krithik Rao KritR Microsoft Software Engineer at Microsoft Windows Kernel Team

KritR/DataSphere 3

an interactive visualization of historical events throughout spacetime

Ferrosilicon/ike-platformer 1

8-Bit platformer game built using libgdx by Ferrosilicon, the NCHS Programming Club. Starring NCHS mascot, Ike the Ironman.

KritR/BananaSkateboard 0

A 2D Game for HelloWorld @ Purdue

KritR/Bitcoin-Spigot 0

Bitcoin faucet extractor for back when faucets were profitable.

KritR/book-of-knowledge 0

A repository with all my public notes and knowledge

KritR/brainfuck-interpreter 0

Just a simple brainfuck interpreter written in Rust.


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pull request commentmacports/macports-ports

doctl: update to 1.63.1

I concur and this looks good to me.


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