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Not able to update Power Apps component.

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Technical Documentation for Microsoft PowerApps

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update() not triggering

This bug report is based on these posts: LINK

In some cases update() is not triggered. We noticed that it might be in conncetion with the size of the report or visual. When going to Edit mode from View mode after saving the report and refreshing the page, upate() is not triggered. As an other user detected this is also the case if the "Actual Size" report setting is used.

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Can't scroll in Format menu

How to reproduce:

  1. In the Settings search bar, search for "tot".
  2. Close the 4 opened accordion.
  3. Open the "Totals" accordion.
  4. Scroll down.
  5. You won't be able to see the last accordion "Dynaminc Update Total Values".

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issue openedmicrosoft/PowerBI-visuals-tools

Can't scroll in Format menu

In some cases, it's not possible to scroll further in the Format menu, thus some some settings can't be seen. image

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Incorrect values after using persistProperties()

I've got 2 settings, collapsedand totalEnabled. For each of my column fields, I generate 1 of these settings. E.g. Customer Group collapsed, Customer Name collapsed and Customer Group totalEnabled, Customer Name totalEnabled. If the user sets collapsed to true, I want to set totalEnabled to true using persistProperties() for the same column.

However, after I set totalEnabledto true for Customer Name by code, the value of this setting is wrong in options.dataViews[0].matrix.columns.levels but correct in options.dataViews[0].metadata.columns. See the attached picture for clarification. image

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