Chris Albrecht KeyboardCowboy Lullabot Denver, CO

KeyboardCowboy/Bash-Beautify 15

Create colorful bash prompts to integrate with SVN and GIT

KeyboardCowboy/Bash-Suite 1

My personal bash_profile suite of tools.

KeyboardCowboy/cbase 1

Drupal base theme focusing on settings and functionality.

ChrisAlbrechtNREL/gpc 0

GitHub Page Compiler

KeyboardCowboy/162unlimited 0

Website for

KeyboardCowboy/c3po-slackbot 0

C3PO can convert common units of measurement for you.

KeyboardCowboy/caldom 0

Library for generating iCal feeds from a DOM.

KeyboardCowboy/chromex-acquia 0

Google Chrome extension for Acquia Cloud process notifications.