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Kevin Gaudin KevinGaudin Hermès International Paris, France

KevinGaudin/monsterid.js 36

Full JavaScript in-browser implementation of [MonsterID]( themed like [RetroAvatar](

KevinGaudin/BitmapLoader 5

Android helper class to load and cache bitmaps

KevinGaudin/ 3

Download RSS feeds as ebooks instantly.

rvagg/archived-mod_geoip2_xff 3

GeoIP module for Apache httpd 2.x

KevinGaudin/acralyzer 1

Open source backend for ACRA reports.

KevinGaudin/mod_geoip2_xff 1

Fork of MaxMind's mod_geoip2 with better X-Forwarded-For handling

KevinGaudin/AcralyzerCompanion 0

This could become an Android application companion for Acralyzer.

KevinGaudin/angular-router-blitz 0

Created with StackBlitz ⚡️

KevinGaudin/beatmaker 0

Automatically exported from