Kenji-H/beam-examples 4

some examples of Apache Beam

Kenji-H/netty-scala-http 2

Example of Http Server/Client with Netty in Scala

Kenji-H/Sushida-Killer 2

An app that plays Sushida automatically

Kenji-H/Fourier-Visualizer 1

An app that visualizes the Fourier transform

Kenji-H/Search_Results_Relevance 1

A solution to a Kaggle competition named "Search Results Relevance"

Kenji-H/Spoon-Knife 1

This repo is for demonstration purposes only. Comments and issues may or may not be responded to.

Kenji-H/calculator 0

exercise for a simple struts application

Kenji-H/Chatter 0

Chat application with Java socket programming