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Jim Jyun-Neng Taiwan Digital IC Design Engineer @MediaTek

Jyun-Neng/PyFHE 15

An implementation of BGV-FHE scheme

Jyun-Neng/NTT 5

Number theoretic transform

Jyun-Neng/algorithms_and_data_structures 0

160+ Algorithm & Data Structure Problems using C++

Jyun-Neng/codejam-kickstart 0

My solution for Google Code Jam Kick Start in Python3

Jyun-Neng/compiler_design 0

Design a simple C language compiler

Jyun-Neng/Crypto_C 0


Jyun-Neng/Crypto_Python 0

Cryptography project

Jyun-Neng/C_program 0

My C program

Jyun-Neng/datalab 0

Improved CS:APP Data Lab