JoanZapata/android-iconify 3925

Android integration of multiple icon providers such as FontAwesome, Entypo, Typicons,...

JoanZapata/android-pdfview 2789

[DEPRECATED] A fast PDF reader component for Android development

JoanZapata/base-adapter-helper 1771

Abstraction for the usual BaseAdapter "ViewHolder" pattern

JoanZapata/android-asyncservice 343

AsyncService uses annotations to shorten the code needed to start asynchronous long running tasks and return result

JoanZapata/ 11

Source code of

JoanZapata/AndroidSlidingUpPanel 5

Android Sliding Up Panel Demo

DayS/androidannotations 2

Fast Android Development. Easy maintainance.

JoanZapata/loop-surfaceview 2

Basic 2D games or constantly animated components start with a SurfaceView and a refresh thread. This lib offers an abstraction, and some optimization, for this usecase.

gatling-tool/ 1

Gatling landing page

JoanZapata/androidannotations 1

Fast Android Development. Easy maintainance.