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Leverage Better-BibTeX's citation picker in Scrivener

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Handy AppleScripts I use

Jmuccigr/Latin_vocabulary 2

Data from my Latin vocabulary database.

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For the 2018 Drew DH Summer Institute

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Download PDFs from academia dot edu without logging in

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Contributed 3rd party plugins for Gramps

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Fast and smart citation reference parsing

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Academic articles


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PEBKAC - Help with getting correct citekey

So, this is brilliant, except for 2 things. When it inserts the citation it's #citekey instead of @citekey and then pandoc doesn't recognize it and I can't figure out how to change it, I use a Danish keyboard and Mac OS 10.15.6, so I don't know if that's some of the issue. SO can anybody help me with either fixing citation or to make pandoc understand it?

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issue commentNyx0uf/qlImageSize

qlImageSize doesn't seem to replace built-in QuickLook image?

The problem for me was Google Drive File Stream, specifically:

/Applications/Google Drive File Drive File Stream Quick Look.qlgenerator


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fork joephayes/spacemacs.d

My configuration for spacemacs

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issue commentNyx0uf/qlImageSize

Catalina Support?

For Catalina (and Big Sure) I created a Finder Sync extension to see the image resolution (and also some other info) inside the contextual menu. It also support movie and audio files. Is not the same to see the info on the quicklook preview but it can be useful.


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