naiploris/Loris 1

LORIS is a web-accessible database solution for longitudinal multi-site studies.

Jkat/cbrain 0

CBRAIN is a flexible Ruby on Rails framework for accessing and processing of large data on high-performance computing infrastructures.

Jkat/clove_bounty 0

Help us populate the many altcoins for our atomic swap protocol!

Jkat/dash 0

Dash - Reinventing Cryptocurrency

Jkat/Data-Query-Tool 0

LORIS's Data Query Tool, written as a CouchApp

Jkat/DICAT 0

Tool to anonymize DICOM data headers.

Jkat/dicom-archive-tools 0

a set of tools to deal with DICOMs

Jkat/documentation-hub 0

æternity's Documentation Hub for Developer, Miner and Blockchain Enthusiasts.

Jkat/Loris 0

LORIS (Longitudinal Online Research and Imaging System) is a web-accessible database solution for neuroimaging.