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JakeNavith/tailwindcss-theme-variants 101

Media-query- or JavaScript-based theme variants with fallback for Tailwind CSS

JakeNavith/genre-guide 4

The code that powers the genre guide

JakeNavith/awesome-tailwindcss 0

A curated list of awesome things related to Tailwind CSS

JakeNavith/boat-counter 0

The Monstercat BOAT vote counter

JakeNavith/catalog-records 0

The website for Catalog Records

JakeNavith/tailwindcss 0

A utility-first CSS framework for rapid UI development.

JakeNavith/tailwindcss-multi-theme 0

🎨 The easiest way to create themes with Tailwind CSS.

JakeNavith/tailwindcss-plugin-author-types 0

Type definitions to make creating plugins for Tailwind CSS in TypeScript easier

pull request commentJakeNavith/tailwindcss-theme-variants

⚡️ feat: update contrast media query

Great! Thank you!


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push eventJakeNavith/tailwindcss-theme-variants

Moritz Lang

commit sha 05e8f05d7ca5e49dabde3f58383ad6ba0442246d

⚡️ feat: update contrast media query

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commit sha 7888468c7467161b24197197cda090d73c276e29

Merge pull request #16 from moritzlang/feature/update-contrast-media-query ⚡️ feat: update contrast media query

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