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Jaap Wijnen JaapWijnen @Workmoose Amsterdam Theoretical Physics graduate based in Amsterdam, programmer, tinkerer, creative.

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Render engine written in C++ and OpenGL

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📦 Watcher, bundler, and test runner for your SwiftWasm apps

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💾 Point-Free episode code.

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Jaap Wijnen

commit sha 957879ee9c31ba7fde3f6a62250ebf2b9beccdb6

add additional test for responses with empty body

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Jaap Wijnen

commit sha d3b820b2f810ffeb9c52d5c82da2e2c5211b5a6f

fix for empty responses only

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PR opened mattpolzin/VaporOpenAPI

make sure empty .created response shows up in possible responses in docs

Similar issue to #9 but with the .created status code.

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branch : fix-created-status-response

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issue openedmattpolzin/VaporOpenAPI

Response doesn't show for responses without a body

I can't get the library to show in the docs what responses to expect from something like a delete request that would just return a .noContent header. Any tips on how to get that to display in the responses part of the docs?

I tried using the following context:

struct DeleteContext: RouteContext {
    typealias RequestBodyType = EmptyRequestBody

    static let defaultContentType: HTTPMediaType? = nil
    static let shared = Self()

    let success: ResponseContext<HTTPStatus> = .init { response in
        response.status = .noContent

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issue commentmattpolzin/VaporOpenAPI

How to properly get JSONSchema for Fluent Model

Would you have an example struct of a model with a fluent relation? I'm not sure how to translate between those two worlds


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