JWambaugh/FirmamentGameEngine 86

Firmament Game Engine

JWambaugh/TJSON 69

The tolerant JSON parser for Haxe

JWambaugh/Obsolete-Firmament-haxe2 16

This is the haxe 2.X version of the engine and is no longer under development. Please see the new haxe 3 version here:

JWambaugh/Exif.hx 12

Exif meta tag parser for haxe.

JWambaugh/OBSOLETE-Firmament-HTML 4

The HTML5 version of firmament is no longer active, and is instead replaced by the Haxe Firmament project located here:

JWambaugh/tiniAjax 3

Very tiny ajax library that works as a drop-in for jQuery's ajax.

JWambaugh/HaxeCouch 1

Couch SDK for haxe

JWambaugh/mu-Prebid.js 1

Setup and manage header bidding advertising partners without writing code or confusing line items. Prebid.js is open source and free.

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Jason Snellbaker

commit sha 01ee2da656304cfe48a233faccbf8b3e5af4e52f

increment pre version

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Jimmy Tu

commit sha 00abeecb40aecd12f85f01bfe45aef9e8d4f7f77

OpenX Adapter: Prebid 3.0 Compatibility Update (#4413) * Removed usage of deprecated functions * Removed beacons * Banner sizes now reads from bidRequest.mediaTypes.banner.sizes instead of bidRequest.sizes * Updated tests to reflect changes.

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commit sha 04ba41a44be3a79975ff85798d0a10f96a249bd7

GumGum: use mediaTypes.banner.sizes (#4416) * adds digitrust module, mods gdpr from bool to int * update unit test * only send gdprconsent if present * uses mediaTypes before trying bidRequest sizes * removes use of deprecated method

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commit sha 4dc5326c1180998aef729a8119b62332c41d97ab

RTBhouse Bid Adapter update for 3.0 (#4428)

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commit sha bb39e29c9b885577a4bf8452b04d07b5601c2f6f

add viewable rendering format (#4201)

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commit sha 10de4092b4485cefec54b6c464d255da8236059f

Feature/adapter (#4219) * feat(bidrequest): code for making bidrequest * feat(bidresponse): format and return the response * feat(tests): added tests for adapter * feat(docs): added docs for the adapter * refactor(url): changed adserver url * test(user sync): added unit tests for the user syncs * refactor(endpoint): changed endpoint for prebid * refactor(endpoint): changed endpoint for prebid * doc(tagid): mandatory param definition added * fix(imp id): fix for correct impression id * fix(width/height): fix for correct width and height sequence

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Anand Venkatraman

commit sha 7f7f6ed715e1e4aa9a72dfc83ec91551d59c9b18

PulsePoint Bid Adapter: Support for schain (#4433) * ET-1691: Pulsepoint Analytics adapter for Prebid. (#1) * ET-1691: Adding pulsepoint analytics and tests for pulsepoint adapter * ET-1691: Adding pulsepoint analytics and tests for pulsepoint adapter * ET-1691: cleanup * ET-1691: minor * ET-1691: revert package.json change * Adding bidRequest to bidFactory.createBid method as per * ET-1765: Adding support for additional params in PulsePoint adapter (#2) * ET-1850: Fixing * Minor fix * Adding mandatory parameters to Bid * ET-5938 SupplyChain Object Support * Formatting * Code review * Code review * Fix to currency parsing on response

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Alexis Andrieu

commit sha 28d242debdfa3bebf56aaafb931133005b8b45ec

Add supply chain support for Teads adapter (#4420)

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TJ Eastmond

commit sha 12b7eed5e32d7e36b22072632a4743201304bd9b

Rubicon: support SupplyChain (schain) (#4315) * Add microadBidAdapter * Remove unnecessary encodeURIComponent from microadBidAdapter * Submit Advangelists Prebid Adapter * Submit Advangelists Prebid Adapter 1.1 * Correct procudtion endpoint for prebid * analytics update with wrapper name * reverted error merge * update changed default value of netRevenue to true * Starting schain * More tests for banner schain support * Video tests * Encoding tweaks, required fields and comments * Removed .only() from tests * Change requests per Bret

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Vlad Gurgov

commit sha 387f1c9728c8afff3877a056f40f65938a60c290

Add 1ad4good bidder (#4081) * adding bidder code and A bidder for non-profit free ads. more info about this bidder project can be found on project site * removed unused code test coverage is improved to >80% tested for instream video support * removed some legacy code, unused params * hardcoding https to endpoint

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Jozef Bartek

commit sha a74ac565ffbaa1183977d4347a5ece5ea2d1c44d

Improve Digital adapter fix: don't send sizes for instream video (#4427) * Bid floor, https, native ad update * Update the ad server protocol module * Adding referrer * Improve Digital support for video * Improve Digital adapter: video * adapter version -> 6.0.0 * Improve Digital adapter: don't send sizes for video

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Richard Lee

commit sha c58680945b68bc44c2f1b3430e1bdbf5a6b0e9ff

Fix a typo in code comment (#4450)

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commit sha 406f6384b3ed8493bfbdcb42b2c33730ccda9e95

Inventory id and schain support for display (#4426) * supporting schain

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commit sha 27cc77f64adb555ef83c510a96e878db5e06fcb7

Update coinzillaBidAdapter.js (#4438) Update sizes const.

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commit sha 113a9fe3db204515b76773b3f6c9592c1a0ebe48

Support schain in ZEDO adapter (#4441) * changes to pass schain

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Harshad Mane

commit sha 454cf3435714a07cfcdce44baa91d840bccd91a8

PubMatic supporting updated Criteo User Id module (#4431) * added support for pubcommon, digitrust, id5id * added support for IdentityLink * changed the source for id5 * added unit test cases * changed source param for identityLink * PubMatic supporting updated Criteo User Id module * added a comment to re-start CI

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commit sha 33fd3142dd06ed9b19aacf86daa79ad02518c38c

Remove duplicate param to fix unit tests (#4459)

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Vladislav Yatsun

commit sha 5f2a9fe65e8370845dec8257750e25ad61d763d8

Brightcom Bid Adapter update for 3.0 (#4343)

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commit sha fee78e8496382a549c920dbef99e8240274ba74c

add support for min_height field in pbs native requests (#4434)

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Robert Ray Martinez III

commit sha 61dfe5921d1912d0702561de995c73c7b0fda3e4

Supporting Alias via Video Requests (#4460)

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