Pavlo Datsiuk JTOne123 @Microsoft Kyiv, Ukraine Full-stack .NET developer with a passion for mobile. I love building apps using Xamarin and backend systems using Azure and Web API.

JTOne123/a-azure-lock 1

This project includes azure locks for writing operations and reading operations.

JTOne123/Accelist.SDK 1

Accelist.SDK is a .NET development framework, designed with simplicity in mind, built to improve the quality of life of ASP.NET Core MVC developers by providing essential classes that are missing from the base framework.

JTOne123/allure-csharp 1

Allure integrations for C# test frameworks

JTOne123/.netcoreplus 0

.NET Core 简易版快速开发框架

JTOne123/2Captcha 0

🍬 Simple API wrapper for

JTOne123/a-vs-an 0

Determine whether "a" or "an" is more appropriate before a word, symbol, or acronym.

JTOne123/ 0

.NET types for Aardvark's durable data definitions (

JTOne123/AB.Extensions 0

C# extensions to help with everyday coding tasks. No dependencies.


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Pavlo Datsiuk

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