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IcyApril/WhatsChanged 53

Run PHPUnit tests on only classes and tests which have changed

IcyApril/CryptoLib 32

CryptoLib: secure, free & open-source PHP cryptography library for everyone.

IcyApril/gobycontract 11

A simple implementation of production-safe Design by Contract in Go

IcyApril/Tail 7

The PHP library for reading/following the tail of a file.

IcyApril/TPCrawler 5

TPCrawler is an open-source PHP tool to mirror magnet URLs, source URLs and the descriptions from torrents on ThePirateBay (and on other sites with simple modifications) entirely autonomously.

IcyApril/North-Korea-Root-Certificates 2

DPRK CA Root Certificates

IcyApril/object-orientedphp-book-code 2

Code from the Object Oriented PHP Book

IcyApril/phpasia-examples 2

Code Samples for my PHPAsia 2018 workshop

IcyApril/UnsignedThread 2

An anonymous helpdesk allowing guests to securely communicate with site administrators.