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Eugene Gubin HeMet SimbirSoft Ulyanovsk, Russia

krzysztofzablocki/Sourcery 6201

Meta-programming for Swift, stop writing boilerplate code.

HeMet/MVVMKit 4

Lets try to develop library which can be used when implementing MVVM for iOS

HeMet/ANTLR4Swift 2

Package with Swift runtime for ANTLR4

HeMet/AppCoordinatorExample 2

Example of App Coordinator pattern for iOS

HeMet/DLife 2

Mobile client for that uses HeMet/MVVMKit library.


Swift minion for simple and lightweight XML parsing

HeMet/AlertModel 0

Reduces boilerplate code in presenting alert on iOS

HeMet/Cartography 0

Declarative Auto Layout in Swift :iphone::triangular_ruler:

HeMet/case-212 0

Открытое письмо специалистов IT-индустрии в защиту фигурантов «московского дела»

HeMet/CombineFeedback 0

Unidirectional reactive architecture using new Apple Combine framework

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