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HashikDonthineni Hashik-Donthineni India

Hashik-Donthineni/vBoxSysInfoMod-Linux 5

Shell script to modify System information of Windows 10 Virtual Machine on VBox

Hashik-Donthineni/Docker-snowflake-proxy 3

Docker-snowflake-proxy; Image at

FShah26/SApp19_HalifaxFoodie 1

This repository is created for version controlling the code of the project done for the subject "Serverless Data Processing". This project has been developed using the technologies: ReactJs for frontend and AWS Services for backend. This is a web application where the users can register themselves and orderfood from the registered restaurants. So, basically this is a food-delivery application which provides the users functionalities such as ordering food, chat-bot implemented using google-cloud pubsub for contacting the restaurant team, sentiment analysis on feedbacks on food items depicting the intensities in the form of wordcloud, etc.

Hashik-Donthineni/snowbox 1

A local test environment for testing Snowflake

Hashik-Donthineni/Snowflake-Mobile 1

This is a mirror repository for Snowflake-Android. Feel free to report issues. Actual repo link:

ggkaushik/dojodevelop 0

Gatsby starter for a Contentful project from the community.

Hashik-Donthineni/android 0

Amahi Android App

Hashik-Donthineni/DrawerMultiLevelListview 0

Example android navigation drawer with multi level (unlimit) expandable list view.