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Harald Nordgren HaraldNordgren @betalo-sweden Stockholm, Sweden Tech lead at PFC (@betalo-sweden). Coding since 2004. MSc thesis on video compression. Working mostly in Golang, Python, Bash, JS and C.

HaraldNordgren/betting-crawler 30

Web scraper for finding sure bets. Odds data is extracted from Nordicbet, Unibet and Betway and the script looks for situations where placing bets on 1, X and 2 gives guaranteed money back.

gifflarn/EIT060 0

Project 2

HaraldNordgren/alpaca 0

Given a web API, Generate client libraries in node, php, python, ruby

HaraldNordgren/amqp 0

Go client for AMQP 0.9.1

HaraldNordgren/annie 0

👾 Fast, simple and clean video downloader

HaraldNordgren/app 0

Package to build GUI apps with Go, HTML and CSS.

HaraldNordgren/appengine 0

Go App Engine packages

HaraldNordgren/awless 0

A Mighty CLI for AWS

HaraldNordgren/backoff 0

Backoff timer shared between several projects.

HaraldNordgren/badger 0

Fast key-value DB in Go.