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GottfriedSp/minetest 1

Minetest, an open source infinite-world block sandbox game with survival and crafting. [also]

GottfriedSp/avrdude 0

modernize source

GottfriedSp/AVRDUDESS 0


GottfriedSp/avrgirl 0

:girl: AVR General Isp pRogramming tooL - program AVR chips with NodeJS!

GottfriedSp/beaglebone-DMX 0

Library to turn BeagleBone into a DMX interface

GottfriedSp/calculator 0

Windows Calculator: A simple yet powerful calculator that ships with Windows

GottfriedSp/Celestia 0

Real-time 3D visualization of space.

GottfriedSp/Celestia-Addon-Builder 0

Small program for creating the SSC/STC files using the data entered by user.

GottfriedSp/Celestia-Config-Manager 0

Celestia Config Manager was developed for Celestia and Celestia Educational. It’s designed to make Celestia configuration easy, and for managing its addons. It supports most of the spacecrafts, and following Lua-tools. Program has the possibility of translation into other languages, as well as an automatic check for updates.