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Matteo Golinelli Golim Italy CyberSecurity student at University of Trento (IT)

Golim/day-image 5

Set as wallpaper the picture of the day of different sources

Golim/algoritmi-avanzati 2

Appunti e materiale vario di Machine Learning - UniTN 2019

Golim/web-scanner 2

Scan a website for sensitive files, cookies, comments and a search term

Golim/dotfiles 1

My dotfiles for Manjaro i3 community edition

Golim/genius 1

Find the lyrics of the song you are listening to directly from your terminal

Dave997/se2_project 0

Didactical project for software engineering 2 unitn

Golim/CORScanner 0

Fast CORS misconfiguration vulnerabilities scanner🍻

Golim/CTF-writeups 0

My CTF writeups for various CTFs

Golim/CTFsubmitter 0

A flag submitter service with distributed attackers for attack/defense CTF games.

Golim/FileCreatorBot 0

This Telegram bot allows you to create text files with the name, extension and text you want.