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Giampaolo Falqui GiampaoloFalqui YOOX NET-A-PORTER Bologna, Italy Web Developer by day, EDM producer by night.

GiampaoloFalqui/AAD-Reloaded 5

[ABANDONED] AAD Reloaded is an Attack and Defense gamemode written in PAWN for the SA:MP modification.

GiampaoloFalqui/algoliasearch-laravel 0

Seamless integration of Algolia into your Laravel project.

GiampaoloFalqui/algoliasearch-laravel-4 0

Seamless integration of Algolia into your Laravel 4 project.

GiampaoloFalqui/analytics-reports 0

An opinionated Laravel 4 package to retrieve Google Analytics data

GiampaoloFalqui/ansible-awx-helm-chart 0

ansible-awx deployment on Kubernetes with Helm

GiampaoloFalqui/AtlantisCitySignatureGenerator 0

[DEPRECATED] Atlantis City Role Play Signature Generator developed in PHP.

GiampaoloFalqui/authy-php 0

A PHP client for Authy

GiampaoloFalqui/awx-go 0

AWX SDK for the Go programming language:


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