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Bram Crielaard Geweldig Easy LMS The Netherlands Any details such as age, occupation or city. Example: 23 y.o. designer from San Francisco

Taeir/PlakBot 2

Sticker bot for telegram that creates personal stickerpacks.

thervh70/OOProject 2

- FRITS - TI1216 OOP Project Repository of D18.1

mmsr-tud-32/scene-change 1

Implementation of the scene change algorithm

mmsr-tud-32/survey 1

Frontend for the MMSR-TUD-32 user study

mmsr-tud-32/survey-results 1

Processing the results for the MMSR-TUD-32 survey

Proteus-Eretes/hoesnelwasik_frontend 1

Frontend of hoesnelwasik

Exclaminator/clusterfuzz 0

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