Mischa Alff GenuineAster Stockholm, Sweden Slayer of technical debt.

GenuineAster/imgui-backends 37

Windowing/rendering backends for

GenuineAster/Voxelator 22

Voxel stuff entirely on the GPU using lots of GPU stuff and very little CPU stuff. Requires GLFW, GLEW, OpenGL, and a computer with a fairly recent GPU.

GenuineAster/cee 17

cee is a C++ evaluating IRC bot written in Python.

GenuineAster/glfw-cxx 13

glfw-cxx is a C++, Object Oriented wrapper for GLFW3.

GenuineAster/TriangleSuper 6

What was supposed to be my Ludum Dare 26 entry, due to issues, I didn't have time to submit it.

GenuineAster/Asterix 4

Asterix is a bootloader, kernel, and OS experiment written in Assembly, C, and C++. Formerly known as INKEREX, the project was renamed to something less archaic.

GenuineAster/Cloth 4

2D cloth simulator written in C++.

GenuineAster/Lumenumbra 4

A minimalistic lighting-based puzzle game written in 72 hours for the SFML game jam, using C++, with SFML and JSONCPP.

GenuineAster/asmath 3

Possibly a mathematics library written in platform-specific optimized assembly for maximum performance. Obvious primary target is x86-64 systems with AVX/SSE4.

GenuineAster/ 3

My personal website.


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Naive implementation of a high-level virtual machine

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