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Fuzion24/AndroidObfuscation-NDK 188

Example of obfuscating an Android NDK project using O-LLVM

Fuzion24/AndroidZipArbitrage 135

Exploit for Android Zip bugs: 8219321, 9695860, and 9950697

Fuzion24/AndroidHostileEnvironmentDetection 60

Contains many different ways to identify hostile environments.

dweinstein/google-play-proto 23

Protobuf definitions for google play services.

Fuzion24/AndroidIntentFuzzer 9

Fork of iSec Partners Android Intent Fuzzer (

Fuzion24/CardLibrary 7

Read Magnetic stripe data using square card reader

Fuzion24/boot-unlocker 4

Automatically exported from


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issue commentFuzion24/Newz4Droid

Is the app functional?

It was, but i havent used it in ~10 years.


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