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Mark B Fail-Safe United States I'm a Cloud and Automation Engineer by day, network gadget tinkerer by night. Passion for improving existing systems and devices and always learning new things!

Fail-Safe/netdata-chart-sqm 3

Netdata chart for displaying SQM statistics.

Fail-Safe/ble-dev-kit 0

HM-10 breakout and related software

Fail-Safe/cgm-remote-monitor 0

nightscout web monitor

Fail-Safe/DexDrip 0

Android Application that collects dex signals, allows calibrations, and uploads

Fail-Safe/dotproxy 0

High-performance DNS-over-TLS proxy

Fail-Safe/ios-monitor 0

Native iOS app for viewing Nightscout data

Fail-Safe/ip6neigh 0

Giving local DNS names to IPv6 SLAAC addresses [OpenWrt/LEDE shell script]

Fail-Safe/nextdns 0

NextDNS CLI client (DoH Proxy)