EugeneElkin/CardWithStates 0

Card with States for Power BI

EugeneElkin/eef-api-instructions 0

A library that contains instructions to cover the main CRUD operations with filtering, grouping, sorting, pagination. The library helps to quickly build ASP.NET WebAPI applications based on Entity Framework.

EugeneElkin/eef-budget-calculator 0

Simple budget calculator for own needs

EugeneElkin/eef-thesaurus-trainer 0

Local web app to learn complex and rare english synonyms of simple words

EugeneElkin/PowerBI-custom-visuals 0

Repository of my Power BI custom visuals, partially published to the official Power BI Custom Visual gallery

EugeneElkin/powerbi-models 0

Contains JavaScript & TypeScript object models for Microsoft Power BI JavaScript SDK

EugeneElkin/PowerBI-visuals 0

Documentation for creating visuals for Power BI

issue commenttimsawyer/Stars-Custom-Visual

Stars visual is based on API 1.1. Request to upgrade API version

Your visual was marked as deprecated and will probably stop rendering in Power BI soon because it still uses API 1.1 that is obsolete. We recommend to update the visual and contact us ( to restore it's functionality.


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Date issue (#8) * Audit fixes * Last Date visual fix * Review Fixes

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