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Eosis/AoC2020 2

Rupert's Advent of Code 2020

Eosis/bandwhich 1

Terminal bandwidth utilization tool

Eosis/basket_case 1

A repo made to share a simple coding task.

Eosis/cprintf 1

Colored terminal output for C and CPP in a single header file. Add some color to your life!

Eosis/snake 1

A simple snake clone written in Rust using ggez.

Eosis/b64 0

A tiny util for decoding / encoding b64 strings in the terminal as an argument, rather than piping through base64 -D.

Eosis/bardecoder 0

Detect and decode QR Codes, written in 100% Rust.

Eosis/cli-table 0

Rust crate for printing tables on command line.

Eosis/Eosis 0

Config files for my GitHub profile.

Eosis/ggez 0

Rust library to create a Good Game Easily


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issue commentexpo/expo

Any workaround for Firebase Firestore persistence in Expo?

I'm also facing this issue when trying to use Firestore's offline persistence with expo-firestore-offline-persistence.

@suzigit , Did you try the workaround described here ?

This has stopped the error you mentioned occuring on my android device.

In addition to that, I needed to build all using a Linux/amd64 platform in my docker devcontainer as the expo-firestore-offline-persistence library didn't install correctly on apple silicon ( I think this is related to some dependencies not providing linux/arm64 pre-compiled binaries. )

In the docker-compose.yaml file for the devcontainer...

version: "3.7"

+   platform: linux/amd64

Then rebuild the image.


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